The program

“ … follow your bliss and do not be afraid, and doors will open where you did not know they were going to be. “
(Joseph Campbell , American mythologist)

If we are present and relaxed these magic moments can show up: At the sight of the starry sky, in the silence of meditation and much more.
If we travel into the inner or the outer world – we invite these magical moments into our lives .

The open meditative and creative program offers from Monday to Friday around 3 to 4 hours daily
plenty of opportunity for diverse experiences and new explorations in a relaxed atmosphere.
Beginners and experienced guests are equally welcome. Everyone can decide freely everyday anew, what and how often one wishes to participate in the open program.
Each week the program gets freshly put together .
Hikes and special contributions from guest lecturers add additional interesting dimensions.

Open program Mythos Meditative

Open program Mythos Creative

Workshops and Seminars